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An Original Trotter handcrafts wood shaving brush. This was some of Paul's earlier work, before the resin handles came out and the business was born.

It holds a 24mm APSC Synbad fan knot, set with silicone for easy removal. I just really prefer 26mm and do not reach for this brush often. I'm also not a huge fan of wooden brushes.

I paid $50 for the handle and another ~$10 for the knot, I believe. I'm asking $30 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking.[Image: b01a3e72a250ebe3396ce34c8654eb67.jpg][Image: ea83906958f392c77fada102c4a8e663.jpg][Image: 4116d213afea3a31703083caeb49aed9.jpg]

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New York
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The brush is SOLD!
Beautiful handle for sure... nice work and selection. Missed this, another time.

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