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Two items for sale. These are the large size, heavy glass bottles.

1.SOLD. Floid Blue Aftershave, 400 ML Bottle. Tested a small sample on my arm 1 time. (SOLD)$45. Shipped CONUS.

2. SOLD. Floid Mentolado Vigoroso, 400 ML Bottle. Tested a small sample on my arm 1 time. (SOLD)$30. REDUCED TO $25 SHIPPED CONUS.

Would also consider the following trades:

A) Both Aftershaves for ATT 2016 S1 or S2 head.


B) Either one of the aftershaves for an ATT Inkwell razor stand.

Contact via PM, Thanks!

[Image: sF6T30z.jpg][Image: QKOF4VS.jpg]

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Price Drop:

SOLD. Blue now $40 shipped CONUS.  SOLD.

Vigoroso now $25 shipped CONUS.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Those are great deals. If I didn't have enough Blue to survive the zombie apocalypse, I would be all over it :-)

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Thanks Hector, the bottles are somewhat expensive to ship due to the weight, so I priced them accordingly since I'm including shipping.

Glad you're stocked up, one never knows when the Zombie outbreak is going to occur!

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Unrepentant Brushaholic
New London, CT, USA
PM sent on Floid Blue
Floid Blue is sold.

Floid Vigoroso still available.

Last call for the Vigoroso.

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