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Up for your viewing pleasure are the following 3 soap lots.  All are excellent buys, but I will not break up the lots nor will I swap items around.  All three lots are already boxed up and ready to ship via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the US.

For those who have not heard of Fitjar, they were a highly regarded soap maker out of Norway.  Fitjar is no longer in business as they were too small to be able to afford new EU regulations as Norway was joining the EU.  They decided to close down shop

Please specify which lot you are interested in in PMs

This is the only price reduction before the soaps get posted at other boards.

Lot C  

Fitjar Bregneskog (cream) new - Scent described as "This is a green, mossy forest fragrance, reminiscent of dewy fresh ferns. It is fresh and deep at the same time. A special blend of costly essential oils and extracts: lavender, rose geranium, oakmoss, violet leaf, patchouli  One of my favourites and I am very proud of having created this blend." Was $40 when purchased from Fitjar
Barrister and Mann Diamond - new
B&M Latha Limon - new
B&M Latha Oceana - used once
CRSW Vetiver Moderne - Used once
Jeeves of Hudson Street Mountain Rain - used once

$65 $60 $55 
Shipping is over $10 so this is as low as I can go for all these soaps (and cream).


Lot A - SOLD

This is a Barrister and Mann set of cool weather scents.
Seville - used twice
DFS LE - used once (sold out)
Fireside - new 
Fougére Imperiale - new (not currently available at B&M)

$50 $45 


Lot B - SOLD

Fitjar Miklagard in wooden bowl (used once sold new for $45).  Miklagard was described on their site as: "A viking and a gentleman.  Warm blend of sandalwood, cedarwood and rosewood."
Barrister and Mann - Vetyver Santal (new)
CRSW Savon No. 1 - new
CRSW Select Vetiver Moderne - used once
CRSW Select Fougére Moderne - used once

$70  $65 


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Lots of great offerings, GLWTS!

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A pity you're not willing to mix and match, as if the price is right, I'd buy about 1/2!
Nevertheless, good luck with the sale Smile

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same here...

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Those look like very good soaps at excellent prices. Good luck with the sale, Doug.

The Dude Abides
They are boxed up for my wife to ship out. I'd rather her not try to sort things out. I tried to price things accordingly as mix and match would drive the price up as people always want the most desirable items.

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Seems to me your groupings make sense too. If I were interested, maybe duplicates might be the issue. But you're right -- I always see certain ones go and others remain.
What size are the CRSW tins in lot b? 6oz or 4oz?

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Wow.... Amazing lots. GLWTS and happy holidays.

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(12-24-2015, 06:02 AM)JR_Reyes Wrote: What size are the CRSW tins in lot b?  6oz or 4oz?

They are 6oz. The B&M are full size as well.

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