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RazoRock Game Changer Clearance

USA Only

QTY = 1 RazoRock GC.84-P  $50 shipped (complete razor) Price Reduced to $45  SOLD

QTY = 1  RazoRock  GC .68-P $45 shipped (complete razor) Price Reduced to $40   Final Offer is $35 Shipped SOLD

RazoRock Base Plate .68 OC and .68 Jaws $45 for both, shipped as a pair.  Price includes shipping.    SOLD

All parts have been cleaned in soapy water, rinsed in RO filtered H20, and spritzed with 68% alcohol solution.

Please, allow 48 hours to ship via priority mail.  Tracking number will be provided.

[Image: 7FpMaLu.jpg][Image: O05QMOl.jpg][Image: JNDweVt.jpg][Image: Xg3kCJk.jpg][Image: xLwd0a8.jpg]
The .68 OC and .68 JAWS base plates have been sold (8/12/2021).
Prices reduced for GC complete razord (.68 SB and .84 SB)

(See OP above)
GC .84 has been SOLD.
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Final Price of GC .68-P is $35 Shipped. (I will not be reducing any further.)
All items now sold. Thank you very much.

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