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I think I'll keep this den clearing going a little longer. Today I offer for your consideration my Feather AS-D1. I replaced it with an AS-D2 a while back, which to me shaves about the same. I used the AS-D1 for a few years without issue so I think it's one of the "good ones". I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition. I bought it in the expensive set with the stand when it came out, and I'm including that original stand here. I do not have the original box. I'll take $90 paypaled and shipped CONUS. I think with the stand that's an excellent price for a razor of this quality.[Image: ijlmVVy.jpg]
[Image: WGEazxi.jpg][Image: eFe9a61.jpg]

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...fantastic deal!!!

St. Louis, MO
I'll take it.
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(12-19-2020, 11:31 PM)dominicr Wrote: I'll take it.

Sure - I just sent you a PM
Sold! That was fast!

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