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Yes I am giving away a partial cartridge (about 16) of Feather Pro SUPER AC blades. What is the reason you ask?  Not using AC razors any longer. These are great blades and are slightly wider then the AC Pros so the blade exposure will be larger.
Please be aware if you want these they must fit your razor. Not all AC razors will accept the Pro Supers.
Stipulation: You must have a USA address. Shipped First Class with tracking (WOW)

First come first served

[Image: qB8r5IM.jpg]

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Johnstown, PA USA
I’ll take em

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Dang it!

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How wide are these blades? I just got a vintage se razor yesterday that is really wide and I am looking for a blade wide enough to fit in.
End to end its about 1 3/4” wide[Image: 2f4d4cbd0e1bf9bc012e1b7cc54480fb.jpg]

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