Ohio USA
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[font="Graphik Webfont", -apple-system, system-ui, Roboto, "Droid Sans", "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]<SOLD>
Exotic Tulip Wood / African Blackwood Shaving Brush handle for 24/26mm Knot (not included). Height 2 3/16", Diameter 1 7/16" Drill Depth ⅝". Drilled with 27mm bit for variance[/font]

Here on Shopify: https://knothead-brush-works.myshopify.com/
[Image: PMjdFWV.jpg?1][Image: ytsLqHq.jpg?1][Image: CwOueCh.jpg?1][Image: yye5rfc.jpg?1][Image: cexLry2.jpg?1]

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This is a beautiful brush Great job

Ohio USA
Thank you. Appreciate the kind words.

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