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SOLD! "DROIDS" - Our first special edition Double Razor Collector Set is heading to a galaxy far, far away (well, the USA).
Our first ever hand-crafted double razor Collector Set - "3PO", a rare gold metal flake/resin hybrid Long Handle safety razor and it's trusty sidekick "R2", a stunning blue and white Kirinite resin Short Handle (Shortie) safety razor are heading to their new home soon and we figured we'd give them a "last look" proper send off.
This gorgeous one-of-a-kind double razor Collector Set with a fun STAR WARS theme, highlighted our depiction of two of the most iconic and fan favorite Droids tandem in the history of the silver screen. We're very happy they found their Skywalker.
These are the Droids he was looking for.
"If It Needs A Shave... Shave It"

[Image: VGeiHAU.jpg]

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