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Fine tuning my brush den.

DG B15 “Somber Hour” Jefferson 28mm, already have a B15 impulse buy do not need 2, incredible knot $300

DG B13 Washington 28mm great knot $300

Varlet “Megalith” 29mm XD Bulb $300

Paypal CONUS only free shipping


[Image: XRNMmOT.jpeg][Image: swibiTX.jpeg][Image: scTVaHM.jpeg]

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The Varlet and the B13 are sold

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The B15 is still available, will take $270.00 since the other two have sold

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B15 is sold Thank you DFS

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DOUG, You can now change the Listing heading to 'SOLD', so it will close (Use Full EDit)

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