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Some nice gear today. All prices include paypal fee and shipping. 

Titanium H&S .083 "aggresive" with stainless wra2 stand.  Both mirror polish. Giving a big discount to keep as a set. $385 mirror polish wra2 remains for 250 

Wolfman Bronze with hollow handle and stand. Basic polish. 1.55/1.05 gap.  This one has some deep patina that flitz isn't removing. Might need to send it in for polishing if patina isn't your thing. Priced accordingly. $325 SOLD

Monocero CC with stand and original packaging. $200

Rocnel 2023 ti hybrid $250

Wald A1 from 2 drops ago.  Used once. $190

GD amare set unused $30 SOLD

[Image: fvup5hm.jpg][Image: ZgQ5r7v.jpg][Image: qPusxPm.jpg][Image: tNobR1C.jpg][Image: feLnUds.jpg][Image: h2dgS1h.jpg][Image: 1TN8LqP.jpg][Image: HldXGHB.jpg]

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sent pm
Elite is sold. Thank you, member
H&S razor is sold. The mirror polish wra2 stand remains for 250. Thank you member
Wolfman sold. Thanks member.

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Didn't understand about H&S, price, material?
(03-01-2024, 06:29 PM)fadeev Wrote: Didn't understand about H&S, price, material?

It's titanium. Aggresive is the name. .83 os the gap. It's also sold.
Only the monocero and wald remain.

Wald 190
Monocero set 190

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