DFS 2018 LE Brush is now live. Read more here!!

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1. Barberos TR-1 # 79 used few times $210 shipped Now $190 Sold
2. Wolfman OC brushed W/Darwin Handle Standard Blade gap $400 Shipped Sold
3. ATT M1 on a Triad Aluminum Bronze Handle Polished with Antique finish 13.8mm x 87mm 79grams $210 Shipped Now $190

[Image: 9SQBZoq.jpg]
[Image: kIjtgEP.jpg][Image: BEINcpE.jpg][Image: NTGZFmB.jpg][Image: 6a0FhU7.jpg][Image: zE44X55.jpg][Image: cmvPGiK.jpg]
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Wolfman sold
Only price drops on the remainder items.
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