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Spring cleaning of the den. Shipping is 5$ fred for single sets. Free if you buy both. Free shipping on the razor. CONUS only. 

ATT SSRH and a Yaqi "Slope" head. Lightly used, like new condition. - $175 $150 SPF

[Image: nBzwKaI.jpeg]
[Image: fKSwXws.jpeg]
[Image: Q3wzHfe.jpeg]
[Image: 6xRrk3c.jpeg]

Declaration Grooming "Revanant". Scooped/splashed one time. $30

Lodrino "34th street NYC". Scooped/balm used 1x. $12

[Image: zVC68t4.jpeg]

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Bump. Price cuts and free shipping on everything.
Bump, open to trades on everything.

Sent pm.
I’ll take the Lodrino set.
(04-29-2024, 12:45 AM)Fallbeard Wrote: I’ll take the Lodrino set.

Sweet! Shoot me a pm

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