Mexico City
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Good day folks! Up for sale are this 2 brushes.

Declaration Grooming Jefferson Butterscotch B13 $370 $350 SOLD

Really nice Declaration batch and one of the best in recent batches, have bought another B13 and i have a love/hate relationship with the Butterscotch color so this one unfortunately has to go.

Semogue TSN LE 2020 Boar $50 $45 SOLD

Almost broken in, really nice knot but i prefer my other boar brushes.

Price includes fees and shipping to US & Canada, other countries add $10, Thanks for looking!

[Image: zMHEcFa.jpg][Image: KVxCGhh.jpg][Image: qCNnnAd.jpg][Image: SvmF1Ku.jpg]

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Great brushes and great guy to deal with!

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Mexico City
Weekend bump and price reduced on both brushes, have a great weekend!

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