Mexico City
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Good day folks, for sale are a couple of DG soaps, excellent performer and one of my favorite soaps but i starting to get a reaction with products that have EDTA in his ingredient list
[Image: VTpmVoP.jpg]

Nefertiti used once 
[Image: y0ijFJn.jpg]
[Image: tvMWYHg.jpg]

Sni Mato 75% left 
[Image: 5tAmut6.jpg]
[Image: EGjEnBN.jpg]
Shore 80% left 
[Image: jhV9KE6.jpg]
[Image: TOP7vLu.jpg]

88 Chestnut Street Used Once 
[Image: LqkBhMl.jpg]
[Image: bcllVpJ.jpg]

Try this soap 2.0 NEW 
[Image: Ol4opNE.jpg]
[Image: PH8CYtm.jpg]

[Image: I9Qnm6O.jpg]
[Image: Jp0g9KF.jpg]
The taum sauk was new and all ready sold but its just to show you the irregularities in the amount of soap on each tub brand new or used, for example tts has more soap than taum sauk both new but taum sauk has less soap than nefertiti that has been used once and 88cs has more soap than tts and taum sauk that are brand new.

Take the lot for $90 worldwide shipping and paypal fees included, im shipping from Mexico City.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Whoa! That's a great deal for some great soap.

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Mexico City
Thank you!, the lot just sold

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