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Looking to sell a Declaration B4 brush in a custom handle made by Jeff Huck (Bristle Brushwerks). It is a 24 mm knot and like all Declaration knots I’ve tried, feels larger than it is due to density. Not getting much use and I am trying to fund some other purchases. CONUS only unless you are willing to pay extra for shipping.

$145 shipped.

[Image: 8buTXD8.jpg]

[Image: hIJP6HZ.jpg]

[Image: 8aFSboL.jpg]

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That’s a screamin’ good deal. If I didn’t already have a B4... Good luck!
Who said you can only have one!?

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One free artisan soap added to the pile of you buy it!
I'll take it if it's still available Smile
Sold! Thanks DFS!

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