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Slowly cutting down my collection. I have a Karve Christopher Bradley with 3 in handle and F plate that was polished by a member of these Shave forums for me. MSRP is Aprox $86 USD inc shipping will sell shipped CONUS $80 SOLD
Blackland Dart MSRP $99 will sell shipped CONUS for $85.
[Image: VvNffHk.jpg][Image: wcN39cq.jpg][Image: hzEynI8.jpg][Image: ZyKq8m6.jpg]
Wow whoever polished that Karve did a great job! It’s beautiful!

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Palmerton, PA
Message sent about the karve
Message answered and Thank You, my pictures don’t do it justice, in fact I have held on to it this long just because of the polishing.
Karve is sold THANK YOU

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I will take the Dart. PM sent.
Dart sold pending payment
Dart sold Thank You

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