Homelike Shaving Start DE Razor DFS Raffle. Read more here!!


Munich area, Germany
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Selling another of my brushes:

Custom Wolf Whiskers with 3-tier color casting: Emerald pearlescent green top and bottom with clear in the middle, with the same green lightly swirled in it. It has a 20mm Rare Earth Magnet placed under the coin to suspend it upside down from a shelf for proper drying.

I had the original knot replaced with a 24mm D01 Silvertip from Shavemac just two weeks ago!

Retail was 130 EUR for the brush and another 135 EUR for the knot. Your price is 220 EUR / 245 USD shipped.

[Image: LjoE5JE.jpg]

[Image: hjsCUB3.jpg]

[Image: bFcF99B.jpg]

[Image: CUtXGFG.jpg]

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