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I love this razor but it doesn't see enough use.  $55 shipped in the continental USA only.  I will only ship to verified PayPal addresses and prefer if you already have some transactions (5+ or so transactions) on the site.  Sold.

[Image: pWpp9wL.jpg]
[Image: LJd3DSm.jpg]

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Regarding my request to deal with folks with 5 + transactions, I would also accept 30+ posts as an indicator that you are a legit trader. I just want to see some indication that you are active in the Forum.
I am shocked that this is still here. It is a really great razor. The only reason that I am selling it is because I have a Paradigm TI SE that I like ever so slightly better. I am also a minimalist who prefers not to have a ton of razors in my den. The shave with this is great and the aluminum version I like better than the stainless version or brass because it is very light. You just whip it around your face. Somebody needs to buy this before I change my mind.

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Reduced to $59 shipped.
Last reduction to $55. For any less, I will just keep it in the den. It's too good to sell for less.
Best SE I've ever used. At this price, it's a bargain!
The fact that this razor is still here blows my mind. It provides a more comfortable shave than either my Wolfman WR1 61 or WR2 105. It is really a GREAT razor. The shave is 99% as good as my Paradigm Ti SE at a tiny fraction of the price of that razor. I am only selling it because I am a minimalist. I don't want four razors in my den. Selling this one whittles my den down to three.

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