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New Mexico USA
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Hello gents I’m letting go my chubby 3 super this brush need no introduction, awesome brush in perfect condition but a little to big for me.
No shedding at all.
Asking price $185.00 shipped

Truefitt & Hill Apsley cream and balm beautiful new scent (used once) bought it two months ago. Retail price 96.00
Asking price 75.00 shipped

Wholly Kaw Rose concerto soap 95%
Great scent if you like Rose
Asking price 20.00 shipped

I have no use for this items they’re just staring at me all the time so they need to go.
If you have questions let me know thank you for looking.
Conus only
[Image: d837c6516a243954907ed98f5ea21048.jpg][Image: ad9a11ebe85a160aa379634e187e1a36.jpg][Image: d5dc22af3ad4738cd3395cb1f23e94bb.jpg][Image: bd78207b85f30ba7f8ee110b9c583917.jpg][Image: c0d488ef6148a26d2e205e918f068cdd.jpg]

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New Mexico USA
Everything SOLD Thank You DFS
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