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Offered is a beautiful fully polished titanium razor made and sold by Chisled Face. Made in the USA the blade gap is 1.12 and has slight blade exposure. I used it 6 times with a Astra Superior platinum and a Feather. Both gave very smooth and efficient shaves. What surprised me was the Feather which performed great. I would consider the razor as a 4/5 out of 10 for aggression. The razor's attribute is an incredible smooth shave and made to perfection. Comes in original machined aluminum and leaher case. Weight is 2 oz and the handle is #3 Imperial. Handle length is 85 mm.

Listed now at $348
Asking $320 with Priority Mail with full insurance to USA addresses

[Image: zzotT6j.jpg][Image: lis731O.jpg][Image: AqUTace.jpg]

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Razor wonder.
I am struggling with myself.
(09-03-2021, 12:34 PM)Gian66 Wrote: Razor wonder.
I am struggling with myself.


I'm on the same boat.

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