Elizabethtown, KY
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I might be crazy, but I’m letting go of my Charcoal Goods level 2 open comb razor in antique brass. This is a Gen 1 baseplate, with the most recent revisions of the top cap and hammered handle. Gen 1 baseplates have been replaced with an update Gen 2 version, and OC baseplates have been discontinued altogether. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a relatively rare and discontinued razor. Comes with a CG tin, as well as an assortment of blades to try out. Retail is $250, asking $250 shipped and insured. Add PP fees if applicable. Not interested in any trades at this time. 

[Image: RNmLSDW.jpg]

[Image: fWOSpnE.jpg]

[Image: vWu1scN.jpg]

[Image: Yc6bTnH.jpg]

[Image: myrHo8t.jpg]

[Image: mztsZgR.jpg]

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