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Even when he was still in business Brian had stopped producing stands, and dual combs.

Whether he will be in house when he starts back up, or sub out the work it is doubtful that he'll make the DC or the stand again.

Great condition. Lvl 2 DC, magnum handle, and stand.

Note that the sleeve comes out and the stand fits the magnum handle. Replace the sleeve and the stand will hold the standard diameter handle.

If the buyer desires I can 'antique' the top cap and base plate. I got the instructions on how to do it, and what to use, directly from Brian, and it works.

$325 shipped in the CONUS (priority USPS) Sorry, no international shipping. 

[Image: FCqpSai.jpg]
[Image: 4EZu4Eb.jpg]
[Image: p3Mqq6y.jpg]
[Image: 53tP948.jpg]

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Sold ! Thanks DFS !!

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