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Hello everyone, I’m thinning out a few more brushes from my collection. These brushes were safely stored and were never used (not even 1x test lather) so they remain as new. Shipping in original packaging, prices include shipping CONUS only. 

Paladin 26mm Ichabod Micarta Robinhood - $270 $255  SOLD!
Chubby 2 Silvertip Purple Amethyst (perfect with no glue bumps) - $255 $245  SOLD!
[Image: s7Jo4VV.jpg][Image: DJreedu.jpg][Image: G5QhKxk.jpg][Image: mSVhIi7.jpg]
[Image: bPy7Dh8.jpg][Image: qOsHLen.jpg]

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Bump for price reductions.

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Omg you're killing me with these Simpson brushes!  :-D

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Chubby has been sold, Paladin remains up for sale.
Happy Friday everyone! Friday Bump!
Thanks for buying that Chubby whoever. I know I don't need it, but I was tempted nonetheless.

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