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Looking to sell this very rare and limited edition Carbon Damascus steel razor.  It has been given the white glove treatment and presents as new. Used sparingly in a large collection. The razor has a solid +plate. Asking $800 USD shipped to Canada/US. This is below the purchase price of this razor. PM any questions. No trades

This is the information from Carbon regarding the details on this razor. Permission obtianed from Carbon to use this information.  The photos below are my own. They are slightly darker than the actual metal. The metal is polished and not DLC as it may appear darker in the photos. This is truly a stunning razor and my pics will not do it justice. 

The Cx-Athena is a one of a kind piece, this piece is part of our
Damascus line, each piece is named after gods or deities of war. This
piece is all Damascus stainless steel(grade 304 and 316). Our
inspiration for this piece comes from the lost art of Damascus steel
used to forge swords of the past, they were renowned for their toughness
and craftsmanship. Technically the term for this metal is "pattern-weld"
as the true secret to the original "Damascus steel" was lost to time in
the 1800's. Each base plate, handle and top cap was individually etched,
hand sanded and gently polished. The Damascus steel was custom forged in
the USA.


    All stainless steel Damascus (Grades 304/316). Custom forged in the


    The base plate, cap and handle are individually etched, hand sanded
and polished.
    Each pattern is unique, no 2 are the same

Technical Specifications:

    ~85 grams total weight
    ~0.88 mm blade gap (+ plate)
    Positive blade exposure
    92 mm handle length (3.6 inches) - 13 mm handle diameter (.5 inches)

[Image: Ksmp38q.jpg][Image: jqYcyze.jpg]
[Image: WsKJzGE.jpg][Image: L6M7Nj1.jpg]
[Image: XKbd7Jr.jpg][Image: 9e407EU.jpg]

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