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Chester County, PA
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IFor sale or trade, Carbon Ti Cx razor with new (unused) - web plate and two tone + plate.  

Of Sean’s fantastic razors, this a sweet spot.  Need a mild shave, use the - plate.  Need a more efficient shave, select a Kai blade with the - plate.  Have 3 days growth, pull out the + plate.

You simply can’t find a better deal for this razor.  Always used a washer between base plate and handle.  

300 CONUS - Canada shipping with added cost to buyer (will need to figure it out together). 

Trade for a Blackland Vector Ti with stand.

[Image: BGS6K4p.jpg][Image: q5Qy6jt.jpg][Image: fbBAJe2.jpg][Image: xlxx5KZ.jpg]

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Chester County, PA
Bump added Trade Options, fantastic deal.  Want different plates, PM me.

Chester County, PA
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