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Hi there,

I am selling the following brushes. I do not have none of the original contents either. I am open to reasonable offers as well. I only ship to the CONUS and I only accept PayPal. Brushes are labeled from left to right. Thanks for looking.

1. Wolfman Titanium with a 28 mm Maggard two band band knot: 250 225 there is scratch on the base of brush. Image will show the scratch.
2. Paladin Cleo 28 mm with a synthetic knot: 130 SOLD
3. Karve 26 mm with a synthetic knot: 75  60
4. Simpson Chubby 3 Manchurian Badger: 150 SOLD
5. Wolf Whiskers 24 mm synthetic knot: 75 60 SOLD
[Image: CvdXG0F.jpeg][Image: GESPDFE.jpeg][Image: r1EXgCc.jpeg][Image: QfhD6lc.jpeg][Image: yXjVux6.jpeg][Image: VymhG5W.jpeg]

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