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[Image: hRPPFTe.jpg][Image: ajXB2hU.jpg]Time to clear out some brushes All priced for shipping CONUS 
First Picture 
1. Saponificio Varesino Limited edition 26mm Badger for the Shaving Cadre. Paid $175 Sell for $100
2.  Leonidam 2 band 26 mm Paid $175 sell for $100 SOLD
3. Alpha Stubby Big Red MSRP $76.99 sell for $38

2nd Picture are all Elite Razor brushes I do not remember which wood they are. All are 26 mm knots the 2 synthetic knots are 26mm Mother Lode and the Badger is a 26 mm 2 band Manchurian White. Pick any one for $60 or all 3 for $145

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Leonidam Brush sold. Thank you buyer and DFS

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(11-01-2020, 08:07 PM)Shavemd Wrote: Leonidam Brush sold. Thank you buyer and DFS

Yes, Thanks buyer as that's the one I was leaning towards. Great offerings Mark !

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Leonidam, SV and Elite Manchurian are all sold. I will offer the remaining 3 for $120

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Final blowout price. Take remaining 3 synthetic brushes for $100 shipped CONUS only
All brushes sold Thank you buyers and DFS.

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