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REDUCED - This is a vintage Gillette 'flat bottom New' open comb safety razor manufactured in England for the French market (French Service set; late 3Oth – early 40th). This is a nickel-plated razor with two long, horizontal flat stabilizer pins that keep the blade straight, the narrow English type Tech handle and the double-slotted full comb-guard and cap configuration. Underneath the razor has the Gillette logo and Importe D'Angleterre. These razors are well known for their both smooth shaves. By and large, British Gillettes are superior relative to their American counterparts. There is minor brassing in the razor head, nothing major. Otherwise, the razor is in great shape and is a hard to find model. The teeth are perfectly straight. Excellent shaver, but a bit too mild for me! An original bakelite plastic case has a hole on the right side. I can supply further pictures if required. Any questions, please, ask. $65 $60, shipped in CONUS, PayPal.
[Image: 0TMOGvo.jpg]
[Image: j984zMM.jpg]
[Image: omkb6yC.jpg]

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