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I have 4 very well broken in Semogue Brushes
Three are all older style Excelsior and a 1250 that is Hereditas.  $ 35.00 DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR
Had all these for a number of years ,75 now and time to thin things out
Thanks for looking
Also have a Semogue 1470 Excelsior I forgot to include in pics ,will throw it in                 SOLD Thanks DFS
so 5 Brushes.

 1) SEMOGUE  610 RED & CLER Acrylic 21mm Knot
 2)SEMOGUE  1520 Painted beechwood Handle 21mm Knot
 3)SEMOGUE 1438  Painted beechwood Handle 21mm Knot
 4) SEMOGUE 1250 Plain Ashwood handle         22 mm Knot

 [Image: Ph3lroF.jpg]
[Image: lLzyBZ5.jpg]
[Image: 4dArbhB.jpg]
[Image: E2mJXzi.jpg]
[Image: TRRcols.jpg]
[Image: DfVnPGA.jpg]
[Image: gn626X7.jpg]
[Image: Dgs2XeY.jpg]
[Image: ywV6NFs.jpg]

Any questions ,just ask
Thanks for looking

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