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The title says it all. This is a DE I got a few years ago, and I probably haven't shaved with it more than a few times. Shortly after I got it I got a black oxide finish which is the BB I shave with when I use a BB.

Shane hasn't offered the 100mm long handle in SS in a dog's age.

Priced to sell ... $135.00 + $8.00 Priority USPS in the CONUS. (No Original Packaging)

Blackbird 100mm Long Handle (only) SS Polished 80.00 shipped USPS priority in the CONUS (Bottom Photo)

[Image: QxJyhWC.jpg]

[Image: zwYvxKs.jpg]

[Image: G2HPVjl.jpg]

[Image: J2Dhho2.jpg]

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For now I've decided to keep the handle, so I'm marking this thread 'sold' and closing it out. Thank you to DFS !!

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