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Hi all,

Looking to sell an Ayslum Injector Razor in like new condition. I used the razor 2x only, and it is too aggressive for my daily shave. I will also include Schick Pro-line B-20 Injector Blades (Dispenser of 20 Blades). I have used only a single blade.

Asking for $100 (Paid $120 for the razor+13.97 for the blades) shipped Conus and payment via PayPal.


[Image: N5WMdun.jpg][Image: XcP5krd.jpg]

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New York, New York
It's a really great razor. I have it and it bites me every now again. but it gives my a close shave. As good as my LASSCo BBS-1 but a tad more aggressive. I love the shave quality and will work on perfecting my technique with it. Good luck if you choose to sell it.

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Chester County, PA
It’s a great razor - Actor07 pretty spot on about it.  

Schick yellows work better for me than B20’s. 

Good deal for the buyer, GLWTS.

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Thank you Actor07 dtownvino
Agree, It is a great razor!

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Sold, thanks!

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