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Today I've got one brush for sale, another for trade. CONUS/Paypal only, please. Feel free to PM any questions and thanks for looking!

1. Simpson Tulip 2 Super "Somerset Rodstock"
I recently purchased Nathan's Somerset Tulip 2, so I am sadly letting this fine brush go. You'll notice a slightly pinkish tone in the rodstock, as it is also from the Somerset era. The knot is absolute silky softness.
$125 $115 $105 $95 Shipped
[Image: E43g4nL.jpg]

2. Morris & Forndran Alibaba "Gel Tip" 2-band (TRADED!)
This stunning brush was purchased by a TSN member directly from Lee way back in 2009. M&F was barely known to the shaving community at the time. The hair in this brush is the same 2-band gel tip hair that would eventually be packed into the famous Rooney heritage brushes a short time later.
This brush is for trade only. I'm always looking for interesting M&F, Rooney and Simpson brushes. But open to other ideas as well.
[Image: Y8kVM1z.jpg]

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Price drop on the Tulip 2 to $115 $105
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Alibaba has been traded.
Final  price drop on the Tulip to $95.

All items sold/traded. Thanks DFS!

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