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Hello I am selling a couple of stainless steel Wolfman Razors.  Each is standard gap.  They both present as new.  I asking $550 for each (which is what I paid).  Shipping CONUS included in the price.  See photos below.  Thanks for looking.

1.  WR1 SB on a WRH2.  It has a brushed finish.

2.  WR1 DC on a WRH7.  It has a polished finish.

[Image: lnsgOkN.jpg]

[Image: KSUq8Px.jpg]

[Image: Xs0vE25.jpg]

[Image: 35NAUSE.jpg]

[Image: MgINwXa.jpg]

[Image: EDrfEcL.jpg]

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Lovely razors. I always wanted to try one but the price is prohibitive. GLWTS.

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If it was titanium It would be mine.

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What’s the gap on them?

Sorry. Missed the standard gap part. Cheers.

The polished WR1/WRH7 has sold. The brushed WR1/WRH2 is still available.

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