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I bought this Tony Miller Old #2 Heirloom strop nearly 1 year ago because I wanted the best. I was told it has a linen secondary, which is what I was looking for..According to the TM site the photos of his linen strop match mine. So I do believe it is in fact linen. Which is desirable. It also has the handles which make this strop his most expensive. I carefully used it 3 times and have weekly rubbed it with my bare hand to keep it supple. I counted 5 of the tiniest knicks you have ever seen at the far ends, which were there when I received it. It is a wonderful strop that I have taken care of and admired. No paste ever used. This is the 3 inch strop at 34.5 inches overall with a stropping area of 22 inches. This model is no longer available at his website. I only use a balsa strop and want someone else to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Two straight razors that are shave ready @alpster did the honing and also put brand new scales on each one.

............Boker Red Injun 101 square point.

............Norvell-Shapleigh round point.

Three barbers hones in pretty good condition.

Two old odd razor boxes.

One 80% or so full tub of Micky Lees Soapworks "The Kraken."

One very cool Fish Head scuttle. Has no chips or cracks.

W&B not included.

All items will be packed well in a large enough box to coil the strop loosely.

Feel free to ask any questions you like by PM or to buy.

Price for entire lot is $125.00

I will ship all items USPS CONUS only. Payment is to be Paypal G&S.

Thank You for looking.

[Image: KtGIJesl.jpg]
[Image: yzGXIgkl.jpg]
[Image: IO6k30Kl.jpg]
[Image: uYymQWAl.jpg]
[Image: myab1tgl.jpg]
[Image: 8zNtFkcl.jpg]
[Image: G8jhjOTl.jpg]
[Image: BwWN2jul.jpg]
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Very good deal GLWTS

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(09-14-2018, 09:18 AM)mataddor Wrote: Very good deal GLWTS

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Yep great deal.

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Half tempted to buy the lot just for the strop. I can't recall the last time Tony offered linen in 3". Few artisans offer linen in 3". Seems like it's a supply issue.

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Incredible deal! Makes a great starter kit for someone.

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This lot is now sold............shipped...

thank you DFS

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