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I need to make some room in the den for a recent purchase, so I am reluctantly offering this 'Jefferson' style jade Mozingo Brushworks handle with a hand-tied 28mm b7 knot by Declaration Grooming. I am the original owner of this brush, which is in pristine condition, and it contains the nicest b7 knot I have personally ever tried, pillowy soft in fact.

Letting this go for $225 shipped Canada/CONUS. PM if interested. Thx for looking! [Image: 23659aa0714cc88b7d47553709ae5bed.jpg][Image: daecc73f20e3a54d127f23c5e507cde6.jpg][Image: 04eda9aa86c00e4445d8e460cc18a3eb.jpg][Image: 4ad67abae17e27da77ce4262fc597e00.jpg]

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Great looking brush

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Brush is SOLD, thk u gentlemen, and thk u DFS!

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