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Hello I have 2 Wolfman Razors for sale.  Price includes shipping from Canada and PayPal fees, Canadian Price is for Canadian Buyers, USD prices for American buyers difference covers additional shipping costs. 

WR 2 0.95 SB head with Stork Handle bbs 1 lookalike - CAD price $700 / USD price $560 

WR 1 0.74 OC with WR3 handle - CAD price $800 / USD price $625

Both were acquired from BST (stork handle was purchased new by me) and I’m looking to get back what I paid for them which is basically close to what it would cost to get them now as well.

Am selling as since I acquired these I was able to get 2 from the website directly which is my ideal duo.  One of the new ones  has my sons initials engraved on them and will be given to him in 17 years or so, and if my planned second child is a boy then I’ll have to get in line for a third one.

Both are high polish and show some minor signs of use not the greatest photos but should give a good indicator of condition.

[Image: 541cd2bfebaabd500f252e8c4e0caab4.jpg][Image: 77310c91f1243a170b7333a547c69856.jpg][Image: a9fc9250f345bb7345c87cde6c31aa67.jpg][Image: cd60bb2f4804bfbe316921c8bc8dd0d9.jpg][Image: d02f866ec3c1eff4ff6f1b2eefc569b1.jpg][Image: 6550b8e8f8f1848f6a8baca73f060b92.jpg][Image: 77240ab6306ff859180fe2d98496f31d.jpg][Image: 5f362924a55eca1ab6df544dbdddf351.jpg]

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WR1 OC is sold pending funds

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And it’s sold...thanks DFS

For the WR2 will consider trades as well specifically looking for a 17-4 or paradigm titanium 2

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