Living on the edge
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Presenting 2 mirror polished Wolfman Handles in fantastic condition.

1. WRH1 Hollow 90mm (64gm): SOLD

2. Darwin (57gm): SOLD

The slight up-charge goes towards partly defraying shipping + PayPal fees. 
You also avoid waiting on the list for 7-9 months.

Source for calculating costs:


[Image: trneIH6.jpg][Image: n1CV5cR.jpg][Image: sSpkTIl.jpg][Image: qreagKX.jpg][Image: lrcpMno.jpg][Image: 9MuT81W.jpg]

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Living on the edge
Trying to move these along, so here's a new offer:

Take $15 off the price of each individual handle.

In effect, this means I'm absorbing the Paypal commission AND the shipping.

Even James Dufour can't offer a better deal.

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Living on the edge
Darwin is sold, thanks DFS and buyer.

Only the WRH1 (hollow) remains.

Living on the edge
The WRH-1 hollow handle has now been sold.
Thanks to the buyer and DFS!

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