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Note: going away for christmas, back in middle of January, will be happy to set them aside for the first person who wants them if we can agree on price + shipping.
I got them both at the same time and haven't given them the use they deserve.

They have seen light use, but never made it into my rotation.

both brushes: $75 = $2.50 shipping CONUS

You can also make an offer if that is your style. I paid $110 for these brushes originally, so I feel this is quite a fair price already. But maybe you don't!


[Image: 8R8CPoW.jpg]
Hi everyone. I still have these brushes but am going on a trip for a few weeks. If you are interested in them, I am very happy to ship them to you when I return in the middle of january. Also, if the price is too much for you, make a reasonable offer and I will try to see it from your sideWink

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