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I am honestly not sure which of my current soaps may have silk fibers but based on trying and enjoying the quality of Deluxe Rockers from Anthony which does have Silk I do recall that some if not all B&M as well as Mystic Waters (each of which products provide excellent quality shaves IMHO) also contain Silk.

Any other soaps you have that also contain? Have you noticed improved shave quality with those products that do contain Silk?

For the Artisans, what is the prime benefit of adding as I would imagine it is somewhat costly as an ingredient?

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My Ghost Town Barber by Chiseled Faced Groomatorium does have silk in it, and I put some in the last batch of SS I made at home.

The general lather building does not seem affected either for good or worse. The lather does seem to have shine to it that is different that of just a wet look.

I think the difference I have seen is a slight difference in face feel. Instead of a straight lotion feel that I get from a well hydrating soap the face feels slightly "silky". Meaning that there is some texture to the skin. It feels moisturized, but more like all the moisture has been absorbed.

The cost though is not that much. I bought a .5oz for $2.38. Shipping was spread out amongst some other purchases also. That .5 oz is probably enough for me to make 140+ oz of soap. Cheap enough for me that I am going to put it in any soap I make.

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Very interesting and thanks. I forgot that I also have some CFG Sherlock that has Silk, which is another soap that I enjoy.

It does seem a little goes a long way based on your breakdown.

From my limited experience, I agree that it doesn't seem to impact the lather but does add a great face feel.

Love to hear more about your soaps- do you make them for personal use or sale as well?
Hi Kevin,

We find the silk adds a more luxurious feel to the lather. It also adds a bit more shine and helps with the post shave feel. It's not an expensive ingredient and a little goes a long way.

I tend to prefer soaps that have silk.

Glad you like Rockers!

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Along with the soaps you have mentioned I believe Cold River contains Silk.

Interesting because some of my favourites B&M, CRSW, Deluxe and MW all contain silk.

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You're right Oli- I have some CRSW as well, another favorite, and it does also contain Silk Protein.

I had never really considered or zeroed in on this but many of my favorites share the Silk.

Another question for those "in-the-know": are the silk fibers/silk protein naturally occurring ie from silk worms?
The silk I get are the fibers collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged.

The Silky Smooth line of Shaver Heaven also contains Tussah Silk Protein

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Shave Revolution Shaving soap contains Silk and they are very good performers.

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(10-23-2015, 02:32 PM)herbert7890 Wrote: Shave Revolution Shaving soap contains Silk and they are very good performers.

Great to know- I have not tried any of their product but have heard good things. Appreciate the heads up!

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