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Those of us who use DE razors are all aware of favorite blades that go out of production and we either miss them or know we will once our current stash gets used up.  I was wondering if anyone has, or had, a favorite but no longer produced soap or cream that they feel the same way about. This is the one for me, Roger & Gallet L'Homme shaving soap and the shaving cream, as well. I have completely used up the shaving cream and am working my way through the soap.  They will be sorely missed when gone.

[Image: GbbNRUy.jpg]  

[Image: ayBg213.jpg]
Williams Mug Soap. Word has it that it's on the way out. I use it, like it and will miss it if this is true. Time to go stock up
There are conflicting stories that the great, but humble Palmolive shave stick may disappear. If it's so - it would be a terrible loss.

Good Lather = More product + More Water + More Time lathering

Aye, if the Palmolive sticks disappear it will be a sad day. I continue to stock just in case.
Bob from Virginia
Barrister & Mann Tre Citta formula. So nice for summers...

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(07-06-2015, 05:40 PM)MichaelD Wrote: Williams Mug Soap.  Word has it that it's on the way out.  I use it, like it and will miss it if this is true.  Time to go stock up

I have been DE shaving for 6 months and I have never used Williams Mug Soap, so I ordered 2 pucks, one to keep and one to use. Can't let it disappear without trying a classic!
Klar Kabinett, what I have left should last a long while if I used it in strict rotation but I use it much more than any other

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