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If you don't "Bloom" your soap (I cut a bit each time I use it and put in bowl to lather) and you take care of the packaging, how long can one expect a soap to last - I figure at some point scent strength and lather would degrade
I've seen a YouTuber whipped out a 30 year old Old Spice. He mentioned that it smells fantastic and lathered great as well.

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This question comes up now and then. A member, Cincinnatus did an experiment a while back and posted about it here


He describes his technique but I don't think he took any special care.

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There is far too many variables. For instance, I currently own 91 soaps and creams. On average, that means one of my soaps are used every three months. If I skip a shave or so, that could increase it to almost 3.5 months. That means a particular soap can last a very long time. I have some soaps for over 4 years and, they perform as if the were just opened. In addition, one has no any idea exactly when some of these soaps were made warehousing in Europe, time spent in customs and how long it was on the shelf at the retailer is a period in time that no one actually knows. I see no problem with aged soaps. I think churchilllafemme uses vintage soaps

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Ive got a HTGAM soap in a tin from about 3 or 4 years ago. I dont bloom. I load it with a wet brush and set it face down on a towel to dry. This particular soap is still one of my strongest scented and works extremely well.
After shaves and colognes are the products you need to worry about. Store them properly away from light sources and excess moisture or they can lose strength and longevity.

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If it is a well-made soap, it should last a few decades, even the softer artisan-type soaps in puck form or harder consistency in tubs.
I have quite a few Mystic Water pucks that are seven years old and they look and smell just fine. However, they have become firmer and a tiny bit smaller because of water evaporation.

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