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Does anyone have this soap?  Would anyone be willing to sell me theirs or PIF me a sample aliquot?  

I was waiting for the 22% off sale to buy it, but it was sold out before the sale.  Then I received an email that a new batch was made and it went on sale Saturday--it was already sold out when I tried to order it around noon!

By the way, what are your thoughts on this soap? Is it as good as it sounds?

Austin, TX
I was lucky enough to pick up a tub over the sale weekend. First, I am a big fan of SC product in general and the performance of Refreshment is on par with the others I have tried [Courage, Endurance, Passion].

The scent reminds me of a batch of Sun Tea- perfectly captures the scent. If there was a hint of mint added it would be the absolute complete picture.

Great soap and a very nice change of pace.

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