I'm really torn between getting these two scents.
I only like to buy one soap at a time if it's from a
Artisan I havn't tried before and both their scent descriptions appeal to me.

What do you guys prefer?

I also wouldn't mind any scent descriptions from first hand experience.


They sell samples - $2 each. They lasted 7 days for me.

Elizabethtown, KY
I like Courage between those two, hands down. It is more of a cologne-type scent, but very nicely done where it doesn't really smell like a cologne (if that even makes sense). If you have smelled Creed Aventus clones (Stirling Executive Man, Fine Platinum, etc...) it is in the same genre as those. Courage and Executive Man are my wife's absolute favorite scents. Inspiration is also nice, but its a little too fruity/citrusy for me. It does smell very much like grapefruit.

That being said, depending on what kind of scents you typically prefer, I also highly recommend Endurance. It is a classic, clean, vintage Old Spice scent. It's actually one of my personal all time favorite scented soaps along with Stirling's Spice.

Austin, TX
I agree with ML on Courage. I don't personally like or wear cologne myself and typically avoid these types of scents in a soap as a consequence. Courage very much gets the Citrus, Peppercorn, Cedar scent down in a way that I find very pleasant. Great balance, subtle but effective and much better as a consequence than some of the others in a similar genre. I pick up the tub just to smell it all the time!

Endurance is solid too but I give the nod to Courage. Performance is top notch regardless so you really can't go wrong.
I use Endurance and it's top notch. Molon Labe describes it perfectly, classic, clean old Spice scent. A solid performer.

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If you are curious about the scent of Courage, it is modeled after Bleu de Chanel
I have not used Courage, but I own and use Inspiration on a weekly basis. If you like robust citrus scents then this is a great one to pick, as stated in an earlier post the scent is sweet grapefruit, but is well done as are all Soap Commander scents. I have four tubs of Soap Commander soap and I can assure you that no matter which scent you go with you will be getting a great soap.
My vote goes to Courage. I tried the endurance, the scent was great but not very strong.

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