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Hey guys, thought I would add my two pennies worth in relation to this soap.

First of all I should say it performs like every other Soap Commander Soap - incredible! Rich, slick and protective lather that matches every Tallow soap.

My main aim is to try and describe the scent which I think is tricky....let me demonstrate, in a blind test, my girlfriend said it smelt like Cherries (don't know what cherries she's been sniffing I think she means berries), my mother said Apple Pie and my brother said Army Land (this is where we walk the dogs and is heavily populated with Pine type trees). So as you can see not the most straight forward of scents.

As a matter of fact I can see where they are all coming from - a little bit. On an initial sniff I thought the Pine was quite heavy and there was a light touch of the berries in the background followed by a spicy aroma that brings the scent together. On lathering I thought some of the lighter notes (Citrus/Eucalyptus) listed on SC website blossomed. I think it may have been these that made my Mother think Apple Pie. As for the spice, it's a delicate touch of cinnamon in my book and rounds it of nicely. Once I washed up and had a last sniff of the wet puck the smell reminded me of all the things my family had mentioned in one.

I would say the SC team have captured a beautiful season in a tub and it really is a great Fall/Autumn soap. However, this soap would go nicely as a winter soap too.

I also have the balm and to begin with I was not sure how this would work with the menthol...a heavy-ish Autumn/Winter scent with menthol! Unheard of really. I should be slapping myself though for thinking this would be anything but amazing. The scent is very slightly different in the balm, softer and slightly more floral, marry this with the cooling, refreshing effect of the menthol you have a product to top off a quality shave. I can see this balm scent being very popular as and aftershave with other soaps.

[Image: A2ict31.jpg]

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Great image Oli!

Very thoughtful review as well. I am still struggling yet maintaining my RR commit for the week but once again put both Connection and Commitment to the sniff test this morning.

I still get mainly the sweet, berry scent with a hint of evergreen in Connection but very happy to hear that it blooms the euc and citrus with use.

Great snapshot and appreciate the perspective as always!

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Soap Commander is quickly becoming my favorite shaving soap, and I really like the scent of Connection. I also own Commitment, and Purpose. I want to try Wisdom. Lavender and Peppermint combined should smell great.


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