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........and since I am buying one of their badger brushes what aftershave should I pick up? I do have the executive man and like it.

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Bay RumBig Grin
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(12-17-2016, 02:42 AM)Marko Wrote: Bay RumBig Grin

[Image: bill_plympton_1.jpg]

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Its like that is it? Happy
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I hate Bay rum lol.
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Oh wow I didn't know they sold samples 4 for $10 so I got a few. Are there any from Stirling that you all really like?
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(12-17-2016, 02:48 AM)EFDan Wrote: I hate Bay rum lol.

I know.. Tongue

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I've only tried samples of Autumn Glory, Coniferous, Tuscany and, ahem......Bay Rum. Of those I liked Autumn Glory (think slightly smokey/spicy/dead leaves scent) and Coniferous (straight pine tree scent) the most. I would like to try more though. Which ones did you end up getting?
- Jeff
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Spice is nice, a powdery scent. Gentleman is nice too although I only smelled it from the soap.

North Texas
Electric Sheep & Margaritas in the Arctic are two of my favorites...
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