We had our 5th snowfall of the season. Not a big one - maybe only 6 inches. But it stuck to everything and it was beautiful. The lovely ML took some photos.

This is looking down the driveway before we cleared it.
[Image: R9MbhOB.jpg]

Our backyard
[Image: ivddz5t.jpg]

The lightpost 3/4 of the way down the drive
[Image: grAlk4h.jpg]

Our burning bush
[Image: UYmDLjE.jpg]

Three small evergreen trees
[Image: djAypfg.jpg]

The house from the street end of the drive[Image: 0VaWPIh.jpg]

The dogs enjoying the snow.
[Image: dBzUCW4.jpg]
[Image: PP9YuRk.jpg]

Me as I snowblow a path to the woodshed.
[Image: RiAsZPK.jpg]

It was a good snow. Not too much. Light enough to stick to the trees without causing power outages. And it made the landscape beautiful


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Central Maine
Looks nice Phil.

We got somewhere between 2-3 inches. I won't even bother moving it. With the temp's coming this weekend it wouldn't surprise me if it all melts. I will go round and round the driveway to pack it down. Maybe it'll weld to the sheet of ice that is the driveway and give us some traction.

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Brian. Lover of SE razors. Maker of Krampert's Finest Products.

Central Maine
It's snowing today. This is a nice snow. No wind and it's coming down gently. Just enough of it in the air to silence sounds. Sort of like "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening".


The forecast is for only a few inches. If that's what we get I won't even bother plowing.
Brian. Lover of SE razors. Maker of Krampert's Finest Products.

We got snow Thursday Morning. Just a 1 inch coating.
But it was weird snow. As the dogs ran across the driveway they went ass over teakettle. In snow??? I cautiously investigated.

There was no underlying layer of ice. But this snow was as slippery as all getout.
The commute in was slow because of it. My driveway, the back roads and state roads right up to the interstate were slippery. From just snow. I have never seen such snow before.

I live down the street from a Robert Frost homestead. He was a school teacher here in town.
Across the street from the homestead is a function hall - a place for weddings and parties. It's name was "Promises to Keep" - very befitting for a place specializing in weddings. Or so I thought.

I mentioned this on another forum and was chastised. "The poem is about death. The rider of the confused horse is contemplating suicide." Gosh that seemed silly to me. I don't see that imagery at all. But I did an internet search and there are lots of folks who think it is a bout death.

Meh. I'll stick with the wedding function hall and continue to believe the poem is about family, connections and social promises.


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