hey people so I just used my m SNMIRN DE razor AKA baby futur first use & thoughts with my favourite blade gillette nacet

so started off testing the waters and first few strokes with number one then number 3, 5 and straight to 8,
then to my surprised i settled towards number 3, normally i go straight towards the top settings and geenerally stick there when it comes to adjustables

number 3 just took everything off smoothly with such ease, literally like a knife through butter,
very efficent, quite aggressive on the more higher settings and definately more aggressive then say the gillette slim and gillette black beauty

bare in mind im a head shaver with very thick and coarse hair and this munched straight through it,
honestly its on amazon for £9.99 delivered here in the uk and imo its such a bargain for such an amazing razor

im actually very shocked as when i use a razor i always ask myself when saying could this be a razor for life,
and no joke this razor for just a tenner can easily do it for me, very happy with this razor

doesnt clog at all obviously bare in mind i only had a few days worth of growth so cant really do it justice unless i have 5-7 days + worth of growth

easy going against the grain, only downer i'd put on it is the fact that if youve got wet handles the handle can get a bit slippy,
however the handle is like a nice length but the weight is very nice too,
you would never guess this razor is only a tenner and imo its a steal for a tenner! [img][/img]

like anything in this wet shaving community YMMV

anyways what are your thoughts on this SNMIRN DE Razor AKA Baby Futur Razor? any fans?

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I recently took delivery of the SNMIRN last week. I wanted to buy a book on Amazon that cost $15 and came across that razor which cost $10 and so I got free shipping. I was not expecting much and when the razor arrived, I was impressed by the design and the magnetic cap. the blade could still fall out accidentally when removing the cap, but it was not as dangerous as the Futur clone (which I was not impressed with). For adjustables, I usually start out at 4 and then move up or down depending on the razor. I was surprised that at setting 4, it was barely moving lather around, similar to a setting 1 on my Flexi. I moved it to 6 and it was still a mild shave. I was ready to PIF the razor after one shave until a friend told me to overclock it by going past 8 ad starting all over again. I tried that and when I went to setting 3 which was really 11, it gave a very efficient shave while still being smooth. I then went to setting 2 for my ATG pass, which was really 10, and touched up on setting 4. For the price, the razor is a pretty well designed razor and could be a very efficient shaver when overclocked, or a good razor for beginners when just used as it came from the factory.

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Smooth, comfortable shave, still relatively mild opened all the way up. Very very impressive at its price

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