Shave It Shave Co
Ontario, Canada
There was no way to outrun it and there's really no escape. This stunning MONSTER razor is turned from a transparent Alumilite resin (with amazing colors trapped inside) has slowly oozed it's way up to you and now there's nowhere to hide!
Why a MONSTER Razor? Because despite their intimidating size, they are lots-o-fun to use, mesmerizing to look at and actually give an incredibly comfortable shave! Their handles are big, bulky, beautiful and once you get going with one, its a breeze to shave with. They've been called the safety razor version of a Shavette by some. We started calling it a "Safette" (just trying that name out... we like it, maybe it'll stick!) Add the fact that they come with your choice of either a Muhle R89 Closed Comb or R41 Open Comb razor head and you really can't go wrong!
Our Shave It MONSTER Razors are six inches of pure beast (and beauty) and are very special edition. A MONSTER always seems to creep out from the shadows when you least expect it so don't let your guard down. Won't be long now... but the handle is! Can you tame this beast? Be Scared.
"If It Needs A Shave... Shave It"

[Image: B14BQHP.jpg]

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