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I cold water shave, lather my face with the remaining shave soap after my final pass and then head into the shower. This was the process I started on to help with my ingrown hair issue and, since it worked so well and left my face feeling great, I've never changed the method. To kick it up that extra notch, at the end of the shower, run hot water on your face followed immediately by a quick cold rinse. Wow...

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- Jeff

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Post-shower shaving for me. I need maximum water absorption by the facial hair for a comfortable shave. I could get that with plenty of face washing and hot wet towels, but shaving after the shower is more time efficient.

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My best shaves are always before a shower, for some reason. Shy
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I switched from shaving before to after my shower about ten years ago because I heard that it could help make my shaves a little less miserable. It worked and shaving after my shower is now my preference.
Night shaver so I just wash my face and use a hot towel before. I would feel way to rushed to do it in the morning and wouldn't enjoy it as much.
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Morning ritual
- coffee
- think about getting ready
- coffee
- shower
- shave
- brush teeth

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(01-05-2017, 12:59 PM)HoosierShave Wrote: I agree with all of clint64 comments .  To me, it just seems the best way to "prep" my face for the shave.

andrewjs18 , I do have a question for you or anyone else who shaves before their shower.  I love the post-shave feel of a lot of the soaps I use.  For example, I showered yesterday morning and twelve hours later I still felt like my skin was moisturized (BTW, I did not use a balm after my shave).  So my question is, if you are showering after your shave, do you still get that moisturized feeling?  My concern is that I would be washing away a lot or some of those elements of the soap.

If I shower after shaving, I'll always put on an ASB or splash after the shower. a decent amount of the time, I'll shave a few hours before going to bed and then shower in the morning. when that happens, I'll usually just throw on some thayers unscented and alcohol free witch hazel.
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(01-05-2017, 05:29 PM)EFDan Wrote: Night shaver so I just wash my face and use a hot towel before.  I would feel way to rushed to do it in the morning and wouldn't enjoy it as much.

Same here. I think it tend to add a bit more water to the soap while loading nowadays, as my face seems thirstier...
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My morning ritual:
  • Pee
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