(01-07-2017, 10:13 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote:
(01-06-2017, 06:15 PM)gwsmallwood Wrote: I don't notice much difference when it comes to my faces shaves.  Single WTG pass.  For my head shaves, I tend to get closer shaves and have fewer post-shave issues when I shower AFTER I shave.  My theory is two-fold.  I shower in warm water, which swells the skin.  For me, that seems to lead to both more irritation, as well as to less-close shaves.  The other factor is that showering after the shave seems to do a better job of rinsing away all of the leftover soap residue, which may contribute to my folliculitis issues.

do you wash your face or apply a hot/warm towel before shaving? I think we probably face similar problems with our skin and beard growth.

Both. I wash my face and head in cold water using plain old Neutrogena face wash. I drape a towel soaked in cold water over my head while I go in and make my coffee. Take the towel off and rub in a little Nivea Creme, and let that sit while I lather. Splash of water on the head, then lather and shave, typically 3 passes. Then do the same with the face, only I stick with a single pass. Clean up the sink and hop in the shower (hot). Get out and apply aftershaves/balms, whatever I feel like using that day.
Head Shaver
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I started off always showering before the shave, but now I almost always shave then shower.
Don't care if y'all shower or not, but if you don't, please remain downwind. Thank you!
I always shower first.

1. S**t
2. Shower
3. Shave

The 3 S's! (In that order).

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